Day 585 - Paul Whelan - Lefortovo Prison Moscow - August 4, 2020 - Paul Whelan allegedly moved to Mordovia

Thanks for your help yesterday in trying to find where Paul was. The UK Embassy spoke with someone at the Federal Penitentiary System today (8/4/2020) who confirmed that Paul had arrived in the Republic of Mordovia last Saturday, August 1. Despite reports that the prison monitors saw him in Lefortovo last Wednesday, we aren't sure when he left. We understand that it can often take prisoners weeks to reach a camp on the prison train. According to the FSIN representative, Paul will be quarantined for 20 days in camp IK-18 and then moved to his permanent camp, IK-17.

If anyone is interested in writing to him, you can get the contact information at this page:

If anyone wonders where the camp is, here it is on Google Maps.

It is no surprise that once again the Russian authorities violated Russian law, by failing to notify our family about Paul's whereabouts. It also shows how easily American citizens held in Russia can disappear from view, as consular access is now even more curtailed than it has been since Paul was first wrongly detained. We are grateful to journalists and Western embassy staff who helped us to locate Paul.