Day 357 - Paul Whelan - Lefortovo Prison Moscow - December 19, 2019 -Next Detention Hearing, Job Loss

Some logistical information about the next hearing and a statement about Paul's job loss
-- Detention Hearing Logistics
We have heard from Paul's lawyers that his next detention hearing will be held on Tuesday, December 24, at 10:30 at the Moscow City Court.  As with the previous 5 detention hearings, this is not an evidentiary hearing.  It is merely a procedural event that allows the FSB to hold him for another 3 months.  If you follow the Russian media, you will know there have been almost daily bomb hoaxes at courts in Moscow, including the Supreme Court [].  We are hoping these hoaxes will not impact the hearing.
-- Paul's Job Elimination
A number of journalists have asked for a statement about BorgWarner's elimination of Paul's job last Friday.  Instead of continuing to answer piecemeal, here is a statement:
We were disappointed that Paul's job was eliminated.  He had hoped for support from BorgWarner and had voiced his thanks for that assumed support in statements in Russian court.  But BorgWarner must serve their shareholders' interests even at the expense of our brother.
BorgWarner did the very least they could for Paul and I am sure he will be surprised that they weren't more actively engaged to support him.  They continued paying his salary, a salary to which I believe he was entitled in any event as an employee.  They connected our family with an outside lawyer for a few weeks after Paul's arrest - a lawyer who leaked our private conversations to his media contacts.  As their spokesperson said to Crains Detroit, BorgWarner has not had any involvement in Paul's situation. [
I realize that it is difficult for an employer when an employee is caught up in a situation out of anyone's control.  Work, like life, must go on.  But BorgWarner had resources specifically designed to help employees caught up in situations like these in foreign countries [for example].  Like the U.S. government distinguishes hostages from the merely unfortunate in allocating fusion cells, it may be that BorgWarner only uses those tools for employees traveling for business.  Perhaps they might have chosen to use them to help Paul, but Paul was a tourist when he was wrongfully detained.
We have let Paul know so that he can prepare himself for being jobless on his return home, whenever that may be.  It is hard news to communicate at Christmas to a prisoner in a Russian jail.