Day 1740 - Paul Whelan - IK-17 Mordovia Russia - October 4, 2023 - Senate Resolution Adopted

We were glad to see that the Senate Resolution 156 calling for Paul's release has been approved by the Senate [10/3/2023].  Apparently a Senator had placed a hold on it, which beggars the imagination.  There seems to be continued unevenness even in Congress for the support of fellow Americans who are taken hostage, let alone as displayed in the op-eds of large U.S. media platforms.  We were grateful to the State Department's SPEHA office for calling it out:

Our family is grateful to the Michigan Congressional delegation for repeatedly bringing these resolutions to the floors of the House and Senate.  Our thanks go to Senator Peters, who introduced this third Senate Resolution and sixth Resolution over all, and to Senators Stabenow (MI) and Cornyn (TX) for co-sponsoring.

Paul's prison conditions go from worse to worst.  He told our parents that part of a three-story barracks at the prison had collapsed, so prisoners are being resituated into other barracks.  Not a great time for increasing crowd density, with winter coming on and flu and COVID season returning.  Water has become a primary part of their diet.  Every meal is watered down, with the noon soup now showing by its color that a vegetable was cooked in the broth but was taken out before the broth is served.  Perhaps they reuse it the next day.

We are gearing up for the 2023 Foley Foundation Run/Walk on October 14.  Paul is aware that we've gathered together a team and our mum and dad will be walking with friends in Manchester.  It's a good cause to support but also provides a tangible activity for Paul's supporters to participate in, and to let Paul know it's not all just "thoughts and prayers" as we close out his 5th year as a hostage.