Day 938 - Paul Whelan - IK-17 Mordovia Russia - July 23, 2021 - Senate Resolution Passes

The U.S. Senate passed Senate Resolution 165 "*A resolution calling on the Government of the Russian Federation to provide evidence or to release United States Citizen Paul Whelan*" yesterday. We are grateful for the continued efforts of US elected representatives to advocate for and champion Paul's case. They embody representative democracy in their ongoing concern for an American veteran wrongly detained by a foreign nation. We know that the Senate has many issues on which to deliberate and appreciate that Paul's use as a political hostage by Russia was one of them.

Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow from Michigan had spearheaded a similar resolution in the last Congress. Our family appreciates that they renewed their effort this Congress, and for the co-sponsorship from
Senators Booker and Cornyn. I'd encourage you to contact their offices (links below) if you have questions about the resolution and what might result from its approval by the Senate.

We learned from the US Embassy on Wednesday that Paul's solitary confinement has been extended for another 15 days. We don't know when the extension started nor why solitary confinement has been extended. We had thought the last one might end on Monday, July 19. We hope that the Senate resolution will reaffirm the need for the State Department to make Paul's release a priority and to free him from this arbitrary punishment and detention.

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