Day 920 - Paul Whelan - IK-17 Mordovia Russia - July 5, 2021 - Back at IK-17

Paul arrived back at his labor camp (IK-17) last Wednesday [6/30/2021]. He had been sent to "Medical Isolator" LPU-21, the medical facility attached to labor camp IK-21 on June 11. Paul had wanted to call home during that nearly three week period but was not allowed. Apparently, the warden at IK-17 cancelled Paul's phone account and so he was not able to call while he was away. On his return, Paul was able to once again call our parents.

Paul was at LPU-21 for 19 days and it wasn't until day 15 that he was given any medical attention. After his elbow and chest were x-rayed, he was given no additional medical treatment. Paul has returned to his labor camp in much the same condition he left it. One possible explanation is that Paul was moved from IK-17 and left out of communication for more than two weeks in order to keep him on ice. Not that he had planned any more audio statements, but this neatly kept Paul quiet during the meeting between President Biden and President Putin and afterwards. Otherwise, the lack of
medical care and long stay don't make much sense on their own.

We were glad to see Ambassador Sullivan returned to Moscow and immediately engaged with representatives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These were the sorts of discussions and contacts we had hoped to see after the summit. Hopefully the next time Paul has to leave IK-17, it will be to return home.

[Diplomats meet to discuss "foreign institutions": Diplomats of Russia and the United States began to discuss aspects of the work of foreign institutions ( <> ]